To be honest, a black and white Christmas would be a bit boring

Glowing sparklers, baubles of all sizes and colours, carols playing round and round, the ubiquitous wrapping paper, Linzer candy in Dadaist shapes... Christmas is one big kitsch. But it is the only kitsch in the year that one looks forward to. So why hold back when there are brightly coloured lights?


Christmas chain 500LED
Timer: 6/18 h
Total cable lenght: 55 m
Light cable lenght: 50 m
Power cord lenght: 5 m
Number of LEDs: 500
Light color: multicolor
Suitable for indoor/outdoor use
Protection: IP 44

Technical specs

Type of chain
Christmas classic chains
Outdoor and indoor
Number of LEDs
A timer is a feature that allows the product to run at a selected time interval. In other words, it takes care of the automatic switching off and in some cases of switching the device on.
Light cable lenght
50 m
Power cord lenght
5 m
Power input
Power input is a physical quantity that expresses the amount of energy consumed by an appliance per time unit. The smaller the value, the more economical the product, but also less powerful.
9 W
Height of tree
2.5 m
Lighting modes
Possibility of connection
Colour of light
Warm white, cold white, daytime white. This is a verbal indication of colour temperature (in professional terms, chromaticity temperature). Basically, it can be said that warm white has a light colour of yellow, cold white has a bright white light. Daylight white is already a slightly bluish light. The nomenclature may differ from brand to brand. For easy orientation, we mark our light sources with sun icons of the appropriate colour.
230 V
1 038 g