Don’t let unnecessary cables wrap around you.

The Retlux RDB 101 wireless doorbell has a range of 150 meters and offers a choice from 51 tunes. Above all, however, its operation is battery-free. What does it mean? You no longer have to think about when your doorbell will run out of batteries a you will have to replace them. The transmitter is powered by the kinetic energy generated from pushing the button. Subsequently, it sends a signal to your home, where the tune of your choice rings. Night visitors will appreciate the light indication.


A doorbell button with a receiver. Receiver is powered by230V
and the wireless button works completely without batteries. Button
with protection class IP44 has a range of up to 150 meters (in the open).
The receiver allows to select from 51 melodies of ringtones.
It is possible to pair up to 10 buttons with one unit.

Technical specs

Number of rings
51 melodies
Max signal range
150 m
Button protection
230 V (AC)


  • 50003198-dc.pdf
  • Manual
  • Declaration of Conformity