Terminal blocks

Set up, extend or split a cable. These are the three most common tasks of a screw terminal. Screw terminals, commonly known as “chocolate blocks”, are very useful when setting up electrical installations. They make it easy for electricians and handymen to organize cables and cable terminals. The Retlux screw terminals come in four varieties. 


Number of contacts = 12
Rated voltage = 250 V
Rated current = 16 A
Cable cross section 10-12 mm
Packaging: 10pcs multi-pack

Technical specs

Rated current
3 A
The operating bulb voltage at which the bulb shows the specified luminous flux parameter. Conventional light sources are either designed for 230V mains voltage or are low-voltage (e.g. 12V)
250 V
The parameter indicates the diameter of the light source in mm. An important thing, especially if the luminary has limited space inside or there is a limited diameter shade.
10.0 mm