Tube luminaire

Tube luminaires are intended for enlightening large premises that are used intensively, such as industrial premises, warehouses and stores. This type of luminaires is designed to allow variable interconnection, both serial and parallel. The IP acronym defines a standardised ingress protection code. In this case, the luminaire is protected against objects with a diameter over 12 mm. This means that pebbles and shards cannot get inside. We recommend that you also buy the Retlux LED tubes that are intended for use with these luminaires. (LED tubes are not included.)


Tube luminaire for 2 LED tubes 60cm
LED tubes are not part of the fixture.
The luminaire is designed for T8 LED tubes with one-sided power supply only
Dimensions: 630 * 74 * 43mm
Power: AC 230 V
Possibility of interconnecting in series via ccessory cable RSM 122
Material: PC / Metal

Technical specs

Motion sensor
Motion sensors are based on the motion detection principle. They will protect your property from unwanted visitors and turn on a light wherever you go.
Light sensor
The twilight sensor is basically a photodiode that turns the lighting on or off automatically according to the selected light intensity level. It is therefore not necessary to set the switching time, everything switches according to the outdoor light intensity. For example, it’s ideal for night lights.
Base color
Light source
Without its own light source
Halogen, classic but only some LED lamps can normally be dimmed with common types of dimmers. The dimmability parameter means that the light source can be dimmed with conventional dimmers.
Protection against water and dust
The degree of protection (IP) indicates the resistance of electrical equipment to the ingress of foreign bodies and the ingress of liquids, especially water. It is expressed in the so-called IP code, which consists of the characters "IP" followed by two digits: the first digit indicates protection against dangerous contact and against the ingression of foreign objects, the second digit indicates the degree of protection against water ingression.
IP 20


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