Universal outdoor luminaire

If you come home after dark, you will appreciate getting your way enlightened with the Retlux luminaire in a modern stainless steel design. The light is fully compatible with LED and energy-saving bulbs and the IP 44 protection ensures durability and long life. You don’t have to care about frequent cleaning as the silicone sealing reliable prevents any insects from getting in. The light is easy to disassemble and you can disassemble it while on the wall which makes it easy for anyone.


Universal outdoor luminaire with a classic E27 socket.
Stainless steel design ensures long life of the luminaire. This wall lamp is fully compatible with LED and energy saving bulbs. For halogen and
insandescent bulbs, compatibility up to 40W.
Material: stainless steel / plastic
Easily dismountable when replacing the bulb (the luminaire remains on the wall)
The silicone seal prevents dirt and insects from entering the luminaire
Built-in infrared motion sensor
Protection against water and dust: IP44
Easy installation, dowels and screws included
Dimensions: 230 * 105 * 260 (W x H x D)

Technical specs

Motion sensor
Motion sensors are based on the motion detection principle. They will protect your property from unwanted visitors and turn on a light wherever you go.
Light sensor
The twilight sensor is basically a photodiode that turns the lighting on or off automatically according to the selected light intensity level. It is therefore not necessary to set the switching time, everything switches according to the outdoor light intensity. For example, it’s ideal for night lights.
Base color
Stainless steel
Light source
Without its own light source
Halogen, classic but only some LED lamps can normally be dimmed with common types of dimmers. The dimmability parameter means that the light source can be dimmed with conventional dimmers.
Protection against water and dust
The degree of protection (IP) indicates the resistance of electrical equipment to the ingress of foreign bodies and the ingress of liquids, especially water. It is expressed in the so-called IP code, which consists of the characters "IP" followed by two digits: the first digit indicates protection against dangerous contact and against the ingression of foreign objects, the second digit indicates the degree of protection against water ingression.
IP 44


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