Laser distance meter 

Reliably measure a distance with an accuracy of two millimetres up to a length of 40 meters. That is an easy task for the Retlux RHT 100 laser distance meter. Apart from length, it also measures volume and area. All this using only two points of reference. The distance meter can add and subtract the values measured, measure up to 30 values continuously, and obtain the dimension of a third side. It saves energy by automatically turning off the laser after 20 seconds and turning off the whole device after 2.5 minutes of idleness. It’s simple, smart and energy-efficient.


Measuring range: 5 cm – 40 m
Minimum resolution: 1 mm
Measurement accuracy: ± 2 mm
Measurement units: m/ft/in/ft-in
Measurement: 7 modes
Distance: yes
Volume: yes
Area: yes
Measurement using two points of reference: yes
Adding and subtracting values: yes
Memory for values measured: 30 values
Laser type: class 2, 635 nm
Display: four-line LCD with backlight
Operating temperature: 0 to +40°C
Battery saving modes: yes
Automatic laser shut off when idle: 20s
Automatic shut-off when idle: 150s
Power supply: 2 x 1.5 V AAA battery (included)

Technical specs

40 m
Measurement accuracy
2 mm
Number of values in memory
Laser type
635 nm, Třída 2
Four-row backlit LCD


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