Digital multimeter

Wireless pairing with a smartphone is now possible in multimeters. The Retlux RDM 9001 universal digital multimeter can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth. You will need Android 4.3 or newer. The multimeter handles both AC and DC, up to a voltage of 1000 V. It can be used for measuring various quantities and features an analogue bar graph. It shows detailed information on a backlit display. The package also contains measuring and temperature probes and a case.


Universal digital multimeter with the possibility of pairing with the help of Bluetooth (v4.0. - Android 4.3 and higher) Features: Fuse, auto range, true RMS, diode test, sound test, data hold, bluetooth, battery indicator, analog bargraf

Included: Measuring and temperature probes, case
DC voltage: 200mV~1000V
AC voltage: 2V~750V
DC current: 2mA~20A
AC current: 2mA~20A
Resistance: 200 Ohm~60 m Ohm
Capacitance: 2nF~200uF
Range Selection: Auto
Diode Test: Yes
Frequency measurement: Yes
Transistor Measurement: Yes
Acoustic conductivity test: Yes
Data Hold: Yes
Auto Power Off: Yes
Mechanical Interlocking System: Yes
True RMS: Yes
Temperature measurement: Yes
Display Backlight: Yes
Battery indicator: Yes
Bluetooth connectivity: Yes

Technical specs

DC Voltage
1000 V
20 A


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