Digital multimeter

Wireless pairing with a smartphone is now possible in multimeters. The Retlux RDM 9001 universal digital multimeter can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth. You will need Android 4.3 or newer. The multimeter handles both AC and DC, up to a voltage of 1000 V. It can be used for measuring various quantities and features an analogue bar graph. It shows detailed information on a backlit display. The package also contains measuring and temperature probes and a case.


Universal digital multimeter with the possibility of pairing with the help of Bluetooth (v4.0. - Android 4.3 and higher) Features: Fuse, auto range, true RMS, diode test, sound test, data hold, bluetooth, battery indicator, analog bargraf

DC Voltage 200mV-1000V
AC Voltage 2V-750V
DC Ccrrent 2mA-20A
AC Ccrrent 2mA-20A
Resistance 200Ω-60MΩ
Capacitance 2nF-200uF
Display 5999
Range Select Manual
Diode Test
hFE Test
Continuity Buzzer
Data Hold
Auto Power OFF
Function Switch Indicator Lamp
Mechanical Blocking System
True RMS

Technical specs

DC Voltage
1000 V
20 A


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