Digital multimeter

Compact size, stable performance and a display with great readability. That is the definition of the Retlux TDM 5001 digital multimeter. The multimeter handles all electrical quantities and features the NCV function. This function enables contactless testing of AC voltage, something that many electricians will appreciate. The package also contains probes and a useful hand strap which use can use to avoid unintentional falls of the device.


The conveniently sized multimeter features power stability, large digits on the display for making accurate reads. The measuring device can be used for both AC and DC voltage, for DC and AC current, resistance, capacity, frequency etc. The multimeter features NCV (contactless AC voltage test). The multimeter has an auto-backlight function under low lighting conditions. The multimeter package includes a hand strap. The multimeter can be tethered to the strap, freeing up both hands for measuring.

Technical specs

DC Voltage
600 V
10 A


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