Digital multimeter

Even though this multimeter is small, it easily handles voltage up to 600 V and current up to 10 A. It features an integrated display with large digits so the values are easy to read. You will appreciate the Data Hold and hEF test functions. Measuring probes are included in the package.


The conveniently sized multimeter features power stability, large digits on the display for making accurate reads. The measuring device can be used for both AC and DC voltage, and for DC current.

Included: Measuring probes
DC voltage: 200mV~600V
AC voltage: 200V~600V
DC current: 200μA~10A
Resistance: 200 Ω~2MΩ
Choice Range Manual
Diode Test: Yes
hEF Test: Yes
Acoustic test: Yes
Data Hold: Yes
Display Backlight: Yes

Technical specs

DC Voltage
600 V
10 A


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