Small, yet clever

The Retlux RDM 1001 digital multimeter is really compact, which makes it suitable for working in tight premises and on every desk where space needs to be saved. The multimeter handles any common electrical quantity. The package also contains measuring probes and a handy case.


This miniature and slim multimeter can be used in areas with insufficient space or as a compact device for any workbench. It measures all standard electric quantities such as voltage, current, resistance and also features continuity and diode checks.

DC Voltage: 200 mV ~ 500 V
AC Voltage: 2 V ~ 500 V
DC Current: 200uA - 200mA
AC Current: 200uA - 200mA
Restistance: 200 Ω ~ 20 MΩ
Auto range selection
Diode test Yes
Acoustic test Yes
Automatic shutdown Yes

Technical specs

DC Voltage
500 V
0,2 A


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