Self-adhesive 3m long RGB LED strip with a power adaptor

Complete set in supplied package
Ideal for decorative illumination
Easy installation by mere sticking and inserting in a socket
Colour 3m long LED strip with a power adaptor. Ideal for various decorative backlighting. With the 3M quality two-sided adhesive tape, the LED strips are attached to a desired location. Easy installation will take just a few minutes. All accessories you need is included in the package. The strip can be shortened with scissors in indicated sections to reach necessary length. The package contains a complete set including the power adaptor and remote control, no further accessory is needed. Just shorten, stick, turn on the adaptor and connect. Done! The strip lights in flicker-free RGB spectrum. With the remote control, you can select any colour and colour combination. The strip lights without flickering. Also, the 12 V DC operating voltage enables connection to a car on-board electrical system. (backlight of motor homes, van car cargo space etc.)

3m LED strip
Number of LEDs: 30/m (SMD5050)
Power input: 7.2W/m
Light colour: Colour spectrum (RGB)
Luminosity: N/A
Strip width: 8mm
Voltage: 12 V (power adaptor included in the package)
Ra: >80
Lifetime: 30,000 illumination hours
Power cord length: 2m
Protection class: IP44

Technical specs

Energy class
The energy class scale on energy labels for light sources has changed since September 1, 2021. You will no longer find energy class with "pluses" on our products, as the scale will now be at the lower end of the scale at the current state of technology. Our light sources are still keeping the same excellent energy efficiency, only the metrics have changed. To keep it simple, just stick to the fact, that the earlier the letter in the alphabet, the more energy efficient the product is.
The operating bulb voltage at which the bulb shows the specified luminous flux parameter. Conventional light sources are either designed for 230V mains voltage or are low-voltage (e.g. 12V)
12 V
Power input
Power input is a physical quantity that expresses the amount of energy consumed by an appliance per time unit. The smaller the value, the more economical the product, but also less powerful.
21.6 W
The parameter defines the light source design. It can be, for example, a miniature, compact or large power bulb.
LED pásek
The service life of modern light sources is many times higher compared with tungsten filament light sources. The value expresses the number of hours that the light source is able to emit without appreciable loss of luminous flux.
32000 h
Color rendering index
The Colour Rendering Index (CRI) is an assessment of colour fidelity, when illuminated by a given source versus solar illumination. The Ra unit determines the fidelity of the colour perception to the human eye CRI, which is produced by the light source itself. The value of Ra is given as an integer from 0 to 100. Simply put, imagine the value of CRI Ra = 0 at which we do not recognize any colour, at the value of CRI Ra = 100 it is an ideal light source with a natural colour rendering. The lower the CRI value, the more the colours are faded and unnatural. On the contrary, the higher the number, the more vivid and natural things will look.
Beam angle
The radiation angle of a light source is the angle at which the light is emitted into space. However, the light is scattered in space, so it can be seen that even after a certain limit of the angle of radiation, the light is still shining, but it is weak and no longer illuminates anything.
120 °
Colour of light
Warm white, cold white, daytime white. This is a verbal indication of colour temperature (in professional terms, chromaticity temperature). Basically, it can be said that warm white has a light colour of yellow, cold white has a bright white light. Daylight white is already a slightly bluish light. The nomenclature may differ from brand to brand. For easy orientation, we mark our light sources with sun icons of the appropriate colour.
Halogen, classic but only some LED lamps can normally be dimmed with common types of dimmers. The dimmability parameter means that the light source can be dimmed with conventional dimmers.
The parameter indicates the diameter of the light source in mm. An important thing, especially if the luminary has limited space inside.
3000 mm
0.6 cm
260 g


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