Continuously dimmable LED table lamp with ambient white/RGB lighting and
the possibility of changing the color of the light.
Luminous flux: 130lm
Light power max: 5W
Body color: white
Built-in Li-Ion battery 2000 mAh
Selectable light color temperature (chromaticity): 3000K, 6000K (warm
and cold white)
Tilting head
Power supply: USB DC 5V source (not included)
Optical indication of charging status
Height: 253 mm (folded)
Base diameter: 84 mm LED source cannot be replaced
Material: ABS + PS

Technical specs

Lamp color
Wireless charging
Wireless charging uses a simple principle of electromagnetic induction. When a compatible device (such as a mobile phone) is put on it, charging starts automatically. For phones not supporting this standard, you can purchase a special module or cover that allows wireless charging.
Luminous flux
Luminous flux. It’s denoted by the letter Φ and the unit is lumen (lm). Indicates the light energy that the source emits in 1 second. Thus, it is a form of power. The higher the value, the more light the light source emits.
130 lm
Color rendering index
The Colour Rendering Index (CRI) is an assessment of colour fidelity, when illuminated by a given source versus solar illumination. The Ra unit determines the fidelity of the colour perception to the human eye CRI, which is produced by the light source itself. The value of Ra is given as an integer from 0 to 100. Simply put, imagine the value of CRI Ra = 0 at which we do not recognize any colour, at the value of CRI Ra = 100 it is an ideal light source with a natural colour rendering. The lower the CRI value, the more the colours are faded and unnatural. On the contrary, the higher the number, the more vivid and natural things will look.


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