I am sure my fancy colour backlight is one of the things you think you can do without. Right up to the moment when you put me on your night table! You can choose a colour manually or instruct me to blend colours gradually. You can also turn off the backlight completely. It’s up to you. 


I have one bad habit. I like to look over people’s shoulder to see what they are reading. I am really good at it as I can stretch wherever I need to. But I keep my feet firmly on the ground with the help of the anti-slip surface of my base.


I will not get lost among adults, but keep my real playfulness for children. My resistant design will boldly face their sticky little fingers while they try to set each colour of my wide colour range. I boast three luminance levels, subtle (60 lm), medium (160 lm) a intensive light (300 lm), so children will always feel comfortable in my company.


LED table lamp with ambient backlight
Backlit lamp base with 256 colors to create the right atmosphere.
Possibility to choose any ambient light color or set the mode to an automatic color blending, or turn off the color lighting
completely, or illuminate the backlight without the main lamp lighting. It can also be used as night light.
Dimmable - 3 brightness levels
Luminous flux: 60, 160, 300lm (optional)
Power: 5W
Touch buttons (capacitive sensors)
Light temperature: 4000K (neutral white)
Flexible arm and head tilting
Anti-slip base
Power supply: DC 5V / 1A
Height 53 cm
Length 13 cm
Width 11 cm
Energy class: E
The LED source cannot be replaced
Material: ABS

Technical specs

Energy class
The energy class scale on energy labels for light sources has changed since September 1, 2021. You will no longer find energy class with "pluses" on our products, as the scale will now be at the lower end of the scale at the current state of technology. Our light sources are still keeping the same excellent energy efficiency, only the metrics have changed. To keep it simple, just stick to the fact, that the earlier the letter in the alphabet, the more energy efficient the product is.
Lamp color
Power input
Power input is a physical quantity that expresses the amount of energy consumed by an appliance per time unit. The smaller the value, the more economical the product, but also less powerful.
5 W
Luminous flux
Luminous flux. It’s denoted by the letter Φ and the unit is lumen (lm). Indicates the light energy that the source emits in 1 second. Thus, it is a form of power. The higher the value, the more light the light source emits.
300 lm
Colour of light
Warm white, cold white, daytime white. This is a verbal indication of colour temperature (in professional terms, chromaticity temperature). Basically, it can be said that warm white has a light colour of yellow, cold white has a bright white light. Daylight white is already a slightly bluish light. The nomenclature may differ from brand to brand. For easy orientation, we mark our light sources with sun icons of the appropriate colour.
53x11x13 cm


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