Solar garden pinching light
Body color: black
Material: aluminum, glass
1x LED (SMD) warm white
0.42W polycrystalline solar cell
NiMh battery 1000mAh AA
Socket: permanently built-in LED
Lighting time: >8 hours
Light color 3000K
Protection class: IP44
Dimensions (W×H×H): 130 × 130 × 475
Luminous flux 15 lm

Technical specs

Number of LEDs
Luminous flux
Luminous flux. It’s denoted by the letter Φ and the unit is lumen (lm). Indicates the light energy that the source emits in 1 second. Thus, it is a form of power. The higher the value, the more light the light source emits.
15 lm
Lighting time
8 h
47.5 cm