Solar garden pinching light

Do you want the pride of your garden art to shine into the night, or need a reliable light to guide your steps when coming home from an evening walk? Check out our assortment of Retlux solar garden lights in various designs which even the most demanding customer will choose from.  The garden lights gather the energy needed to shine whole night from the sunlight during the day, so their operation is completely ecological. They are very easy to install, you only need to choose a suitable place and stick them into the ground. As a bonus, you also get very high quality materials that guarantee a much longer lifetime compared to non-branded products at the lowest price level.


Solar garden pinching light
Body color: mediterranean bronze
Material: plastic /cast glass/metal
1x LED (SMD) cold white
0,3W/2V polycrystalline solar cell
Ni-Mh battery AA 1,2V 900mAh
Fixture: built-in LED
Lighting time: >8 hodin
Light color: 7500K
Protection class: IP44
Dimensions: 127x127x450 (W x L x H)
Luminous flux: 10 lm

Technical specs

Number of LEDs
Luminous flux
Luminous flux. It’s denoted by the letter Φ and the unit is lumen (lm). Indicates the light energy that the source emits in 1 second. Thus, it is a form of power. The higher the value, the more light the light source emits.
10 lm
Lighting time
8 h
45 cm


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