Outdoor cable socket

A socket at a safe height and always away from dirt. That is the main task of the Retlux outdoor sockets. They are suitable for temporary electrical installations as well as constructions, gardens and any premises that need clean electrical installations. The sockets are equipped with a durable plastic spike that can be easily stuck into the ground. The rubber insulations and caps comply with the IP44 protection code so you can be confident that your connected appliances are always safe. 


Outdoor cable socket, black/orange colour, IP44, 4x 230 / 16A / max. 3680W, metal stand with avalability to change with plastic spike (in packing),reversible current protection button, with 5 meter cable G3x1,5mm2., french type socket.

Technical specs

Cable length
5 m
Number of sockets
Insulation type
Cable cross section
Protection against water and dust
The degree of protection (IP) indicates the resistance of electrical equipment to the ingress of foreign bodies and the ingress of liquids, especially water. It is expressed in the so-called IP code, which consists of the characters "IP" followed by two digits: the first digit indicates protection against dangerous contact and against the ingression of foreign objects, the second digit indicates the degree of protection against water ingression.
IP 44
25.7 cm
18.9 cm


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