It is common for any of us, to look often for something. We try to remember where we could have laid down or dropped the item. But how to find something that is not visible and moreover it is hidden in the wall? Drilling a hook used to be a risky house adventure.
To avoid collision problems and efficiently find metal and wooden parts, cable conductors, or cavities in the masonry, you need this great detector. RDT 100 is a new handheld device from RETLUX, which will help to find these hidden obstacles in your wall. Wood, metal, live wires, or cavities will be found with easy and with a great accuracy. You will save time and avoid unecessary repair cost and increase the safety.

The RDT 100 multidetector is designed for aiming wood to a depth of up to 25 mm, metal to a depth of up to 40 mm and live conductors to a depth of up to 70 mm.
With its helping hand, you can easily detect hidden pitfalls and save yourself from problems when drilling. Suitable for do-it-yourselfers, renovations, new buildings, etc.
Clear display, ergonomic design, simple and intuitive operation.

Wood detection up to 25 mm
Metal measurement up to 40 mm
Measurement of live wires up to 70 mm
Measurement possible up to depth 45 mm
Graphic signaling
Sound signalization
Anti-slip base
9 V battery supply
Dimensions (l x w x h) 60 x 145 x 35 mm

Technical specs

9 V (DC)