Aby bylo jasno, polární kruh může být i u vás doma 

Ježíšek se bez nich sice obejde, dárková logistika polárního kruhu na nich však stojí. Řeč je o nesobeckých sobech, kteří v třeskutých vánočních mrazech rozvážejí dárky. Když jednomu z nich dopřejete útočiště v pohodlí svého domova, doslova se rozzáří.


Reindeer with sledge 390 LED
Reindeer size: 640 x 180 x 900 mm
Sledge dimensions: 590 x 300 x 450 mm
Light color: warm white
Total: 390 LED
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use (IP 44)
Cord length: 3 m
Power adapter included

Technical specs

Kind of decoration
Large outdoor decoration
Number of LEDs
A timer is a feature that allows the product to run at a selected time interval. In other words, it takes care of the automatic switching off and in some cases of switching the device on.
Power input
Power input is a physical quantity that expresses the amount of energy consumed by an appliance per time unit. The smaller the value, the more economical the product, but also less powerful.
6 W
Colour of light
Warm white, cold white, daytime white. This is a verbal indication of colour temperature (in professional terms, chromaticity temperature). Basically, it can be said that warm white has a light colour of yellow, cold white has a bright white light. Daylight white is already a slightly bluish light. The nomenclature may differ from brand to brand. For easy orientation, we mark our light sources with sun icons of the appropriate colour.
Warm white
230 V
64 cm
135 cm
30 cm
2 026 g


  • Energy Label