Why Retlux?


Let there be light! We would say that the Retlux brand saw the light of day in 2012, but this would not be completely accurate. The year would agree, but the opposite was true of the light. 2012 was the year when the RETLUX brand saw the light of day. Our first products were energy-saving CFL and LED fluorescent lamps, which were practical and fulfilled their purpose, without simultaneously filling the bank accounts of energy companies with a similar intention.

But then we thought that the sight of saving electricity might not be the only thing that makes a customer happy - after all, even light itself can warm the soul when it's cold. In the spirit of this theory, we set about lighting Christmas chains and decorations.

But Christmas only comes once a year, so we moved on to other categories. In our range from 2016 onwards, you'll come across countless different lights and other home lighting fixtures, to which we've then added wiring supplies and various gadgets to make your life easier.

The composition of our range expands and changes year on year, but our goal remains the same. As in 2012, we want to offer modern affordable products with no detriment to their quality. We strive to make sure that when customers use our products, they discover that even light that looks the same at first glance can take many forms. Even something that is commonplace today can be a pleasure and not just in terms of the practical price/performance ratio. We are happy to see that an honest approach pays off – we are growing our turnover by more than 25% year on year and our portfolio, which is growing almost every day, now numbers 470 products.

Just as a light chain has two ends, so do the people our company is built on – customers and employees. The joy that our customers have from our products is preceded by the satisfaction of our employees, who are responsible for portfolio selection and development. It is to their years of experience, expertise, competence, passion for modern technology and emphasis on safety that we owe the smiles of our customers.

In short, we strive to go the extra mile in every respect, but at the same time, we do not forget that a quality product is the foundation. Marketing can blast a failed product into the sky, but it will fall quickly and hard back to earth. And we believe that quality light belongs as much in the sky as it does in our homes.

Thank you, our dear customers, for your long-standing favour.